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Wire, Wick and Coil

Through the spring the hottest products have been anything Rebuildable. From specialty wire to mech mods with attitude, RBAs and RTAs and innovative deck designs pushed sales ever higher. We’ll review a few of the hottest sellers to help you get a feel for what to buy.

We initially introduced the Ohmega Stacked mods here in March of this year and we were quickly pushed into a backorder situation. The Stacked mods run in series which doubles the voltage and that right there should tell you these babies are designed for advanced users only. These mods are available for both the 18650 and the 26650 and were originally offered in brass or copper. We’re not sure if it was excess demand that caused it but when the version 2 of these guys came out copper was the only option.  In terms of regulated mods, the Cubis continues to dominate our sales.

Batteries joined in series vaping mods canada

As we were getting backorders sorted another Ohmega product introduction started to catch fire, if you will excuse the phrase. The 30mm RBA and 31mm RTAs sit nice atop a 26650 mod and give you an even bigger deck and juice volume. The BFTs
Ohmega BMF 31mm tank canada and BMFTs are meeting a huge demand in the market thanks to Ohmega. They are a Oklahoma based company by the way, and seem to have their finger on the pulse of the vaping community.

But Ohmega weren’t the only people with ideas people were ready to try. Uwell, that shining jewel, introduced the Rafale X . The X sports a Neutral post in the center with positive and negative pushed out to the edges. That leaves lots of room in center for builds, with or without the removable neutral post. When in place, the post acts as an additional heating surface to vaporize juice, making for unrivalled vaporization. Blitz Enterprises took things a step further with the first Postless RDA which basically gives you the whole deck as a build platform. We’ve seen some really nice posts of coil art for these.

One complaint about RDAs is leaking. Everybody claims to be leak proof but… Wotofo gets a thumbs up for creating a tight seal to minimize leaking. The Wismec Theorem uses a top-fill plug that is very leak resistant standing or on its side and so far, no complaints.

DIY Juggernaut wire for hand built coils Canada

One of the coolest things about Rebuildables is the every broadening supply of specialty wraps. Tobeco, Youde (UD), Wotofo and even Tesla are now providing pre-wound coils and/or pre-wound wire. Ten foot rolls of Clapton, clapton2, juggernaut or what have you, ready to wrap and go. One of the great things about RDAs is that the extra effort not only makes for way more satisfying vape, it also saves money. These rolls give the average guy access to the coolest winds and they still save money over pre-fabricated atomizer heads.

As far as wicks go we also have some new offerings. Cotton Bacon is about as popular as the breakfast food, but no, they’re not bacon flavored. We also now carry the multi-fiber cotton blends by Native Wicks.

Unfortunately along the way we’ve suffered from shortages in stock but we’re working on that. The short term plan is narrow the array of choices and keep a better eye on stock movement to predict re-orders better. Once a product goes back-order status it can take weeks for the American warehouses to replenish and that remains a concern. We’re considering drop-shipping direct from Shenzhen when the need arises but we’ve made such a big deal about not having to wait for orders from China we’re not sure that would be the right fit. One thing to keep in mind, unlike other online stores we don’t keep your money and offer you a credit. If we can’t deliver we offer a refund immediately, but that is definitely not the solution anyone hopes for. We’ll keep hacking the problem and fine-tuning your experience. Keep coming back!

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