Why You Need a Coil-less Vape

Have you ever changed a coil too soon because you muddied the wick with some creamy e-juice you happen to love?

Have you ever been half way through a bottle of your favorite e-juice and wondered if the coil was still doing it justice?

Have you ever been halfway through a tank of juice but want a change?

Have you ever wondered which of your juices is clogging your coils?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you need a coilless vape. I’m not saying throw away your coil based vaporizer, I’m saying you need them both. I was vaping merrily along with my Horizon Arco tank when a customer return gave me the opportunity to check out the new Joyetech Ultex 80 with the Cubis Max tank. Having two handy vapes with equally good flavor and vapor is the best thing that’s happened since I first quit smoking. I keep my daily fave loaded in the Arco tank and use the coilless Cubis Max for my creamy sweet indulgences. I muck up the cotton after about 20mL of e-liquid and simply replace it for a fresh vape. My Arco coils are lasting way longer and I always know when either one is getting stale thanks to the magic of side-by-side comparison.

If you haven’t heard of the Ultex 80 kit, check it out! The Stick style mod pumps up to 80 watts with one 18650 cell, and supports temperature control, preheat, and all the good stuff you’re used to getting. The Cubis Max has a slide-to-fill top that has never leaked for me. As convenient as it is, my biggest beef with the whole design is the access space in the fill holes. Anything up to 60mL fits nicely into the slots but my usual 120mL is slightly too wide, which has resulted in flooding instead of filling. At the bottom of the Cubis Max is a screw-off cap. Once removed, a plate can be lifted out. It’s basically just a white plastic insert with an outline of where you place a rectangle of cotton. There’s no threading of wicks or such, just place a rectangle of cotton on it, moisten it with a couple of drops of juice and flip it back onto the atomizer with a notch and tab to keep it oriented.

The actual heater is an oblong sheet of kanthal with holes in it attached to the bottom of the tank. Joyetech recommends replacing it every 3 months or so but I’ve found cleaning it is all I’ve needed so far. There’s a spare in the box and they only cost about $5.00 when you need more. Thanks to the lack of coils I can load it up with 5mL of juice and vape all day. Joyetech designed this with top-intake for airflow and I have to say, I’m glad. I have not experienced one leak with this setup. I don’t know if top air is a necessary thing for coilless, but I like it. The Cubis Max runs great at the recommended 40 watts. I get full almost instant vapor and a similar (but not quite as precise as the Arco) flavor to the coil tank.

Having the two available on a daily basis has taught me more in the past couple months then I learned from vaping with coils in the previous few years. Even if I feel like mixing two different flavors together in the tank if it’s a fail all I need to do is swap out the cotton and I’m fresh and clean. It wouldn’t take long to pay for the kit just in savings on coils and the added convenience of having a second vape of equal performance is priceless.

Addendum: I was pretty excited about this kit but experienced a lot of breakages. Though I’ve never broken a tank before I managed to break 3 of them on the Ultex. The last time I went to change the heater the area where it is placed had a piece broken off. I’m not sure if it’s the heat or some kind of shock but that put an end to it for now. I hope to replace it one day and give it one last chance but overall, it seemed to just keep breaking.

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