Why is it called Commonwealth Vapes

What’s in a name anyway? For us, the words Commonwealth Vapes evokes Fair Trade. As much as we stand with Harm Reduction and the rights of adults to make choices, we stand against profit-driven stockmarket-beholding corporations that sway markets and enslave citizens little by little until there are no choices, selection, or employment variety in a given market.

The first step in setting up a new online-only shop of any kind is finding a suitable and available domain name to go with the title of the business. Typically you’re trying to provide the focus of your business in the name to provide search engines even more clue to the market you are serving. Way back when we were starting CWV the obvious choices like Canada paired with vapes, e-cigs, etc. were taken and North America was still hostile to vape products in both Canada and the USA. Britain, on the other hand, had its powerful harm reduction benefits promoted by the College of Physicians in the UK. Since Canada is a commonwealth member it seemed like going forward we might be safer aligning ourselves to the UK market for supply if things got too regulated south of the border.

The other reason we ended up choosing Commonwealth Vapes had to do with the actual meaning of the name, and that’s why I hesitate to change it. I’ve always been partial to a more fair and equitable market that doesn’t feel so “kill or be killed”. Co-Operatives that combine the buying or selling power of a collective provide a more equitable trade for all while reducing environmental costs through consolidation efficiencies with no bickering required. Our original SloganNotASlogan was Common Wealth and Common Health for the Common Man but you can see the problems. It’s wordy and gender leaning (and actually sounds cheesy), but it does get the original intention across.

Our Mission, in a nutshell, is to get people the products they want to use to replace their smoking habit at the best possible prices, the most selection, and the most efficient, and therefore, environmentally friendly way. Commonwealth Vapes still fits us as a moniker but it probably hurts us in the US, where we are gaining visibility. What do you think? I for one would love to know.

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