What I Learned From Breaking My Airvape

My introduction to vaping the herb was a few years back already and, like breaking free of the cigarette habit, I eagerly embraced dry herb vape technology. I started with the original Flowermate and then switched to an XVape that doubled as a concentrate vaporizer, but I never used anything but herb in the XMax. I had dabbled with dabbing and had a decent dedicated vape for the purpose but my preference has always been the green, green grass.

After my Xmax gave up the ghost (it wouldn’t stay on. I replaced the battery etc. but could never get it back) I emailed our wholesaler to see what was popular and I got a very strong recommendation for the Airvape XS convection vaporizer. I mean, enthusiastic like “you are gonna love this!” so I ordered one up. I was indeed very happy with my new Airvape. I found I was getting up to 4 sessions per miniscule bowl, beginning at 369°F and working up to 405°F for the final session. I knew I was pushing it but I also liked the fact that it kept my costs down. If you haven’t guessed by my other blogs, I am a cheap mofo.

What They Don’t Tell You About the Airvape

If I was going to pick the Airvape apart like I typically do just about everything, there were a few annoyances I could mention. Probably my biggest complaint is designing all those little holes in the top around the oven/mouthpiece area. I mean, those took all of three days to get filled with kief I’ll never vape.

Another thing they don’t tell you is that the screen is a 2 part dealio that works wonders but is a real job to clean. I lived in fear of losing one of the tiny screens or air-wells down the sink during cleaning. I found the only way to get the filter clean is full disassembly and at least 4 hours (more is definitely better) in a good Chronic type solution, followed by very finicky brush and toothpick style cleanup before reassembly. The Airvape is happiest on its side, it’s very hard to keep upright by the very fact of it’s slim, credit card style design. This eventually led its sudden, but ultimately not final, demise.

Through it all I began to wonder if it was really worth it. Was I getting as much effect as smoking? I couldn’t really remember the difference anymore, but I knew smoking it set the whole neighborhood in a stench while I could vape any old time and noone was the wiser.

Then tragedy struck. I somehow managed to drop the Airvape in the toilet (actually meant to stand it on the over-the-john and it tumbled forward). I fished it out immediately (eew) and could see it was still on so I quickly turned it off and left it overnight. Next morning it wouldn’t turn on but I plugged it in and the led lights showed it was charging so I hoped and waited. Over the next couple of days there was still no joy. So I decided to try the cheapest convection I could find. The Pulsar APX came in at an astounding price and had good reviews, but it would be at least a week before it arrived so I got out the rolling papers.

Burning Desire

The first thing about toking that hit me was how bad the burning paper tasted, but I soldiered on, being the trooper that I am. It didn’t take long to get past the taste, and I’ll admit the kick you get from smoking and coughing can be pretty intense (which isn’t a bad thing) and when my Pulsar finally arrived I wasn’t anxious to give up the smoke. Then I took a look at my stash. I had gone through about twice my normal amount while smoking. I quickly unpackaged the APX.

The Pulsar performs very well. I missed the incremental temperatures of my Airvape and the lowest setting was below 369 which didn’t do much so I was only getting 2 to 3 sessions from it. Flavor was great, vapor not too hot and the unit is actually more comfortable to hold and draw from than the Airvape. It stands upright nicely and is very portable, not that it ever goes anywhere. After using the APX twice I began to wish I had my old Airvape to compare and my wish actually came true.

After sitting on the counter for a few weeks I tried to start the Airvape again but there was no sign of life. I plugged it into the charger and again it showed charging. A few hours later I gave it a try and it worked perfectly! So now I have 2 vapes and a smoking habit, lol.

Phoenix Rises

Now that I am back to my Airvape about 90% of the time, I slip into the shed for a toke when the urge for a serious launch hits. While I would recommend the Pulsar to anyone on the fence about vaping and wanting to test the waters, I can honestly say spending the extra money on the Airvape XS was worth it. Not only did it come back from the dead, but after a good cleaning there is no better way to enjoy the flavor and effects. Incremental temperature settings and an LCD screen make a difference and overall, you save about 50% in herb by heating, not burning so it pays for itself in the first few weeks.

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