The Vapescape 2016

Sub-Ohm Vapes Hit Mainstream

At the beginning of 2015 vape became an official word and it already feels weird to write the term “e-cigarette”. But when you take a glance back, a lot has changed. Last year at this time bottom dual coil was still a big deal!

While the enthusiastic vapers in the re-buildable atomizer (RBA) category were already moving on to Clapton Coils at the beginning of 2015, they were also taking the time to explain to us luddites the ins and outs of resistance and how it affects the temperature of the coil and flavor of vapor. Well that turned into a bit of schooling didn’t it? Suddenly we were dealing with not just different resistances on a dual coil, it became standard practice to use a Variable Voltage battery. I’ll bet there’s a lot Vision Spinners already demoted to occasional use – bottom drawer like mine.

I spent the better part of my adult life avoiding topics like “If I apply 4.2 volts to a wire with 1.5 Ohm resistance what happens?” And yet by now we’ve all probably Googled a question along those lines, a mere 1 year later.

The trend to “sub-ohming” didn’t begin in 2015 but it got its foot firmly planted in the door last year and changed the landscape forever. It’s really the trend to sub-ohm that continues to drive innovation for e cigs. While Aspire, KangerTech, Smoktech and Joyetech and countless others were busy developing coils for vaping below 1 Ohm the battery teams were figuring out that Variable Voltage required too much math for a non-enthusiast and thankfully introduced “smart” battery mods that sensed the resistance of the coil and allowed us to set the power in Watts.

As our batteries with mechanical voltage adjustments morphed from tubes to boxes with integrated circuits we got push button settings and LED readouts of everything from Watts and Resistance to how many puffs we had taken and for how long! Welcome to the digital age.

So what’s trending now in 2016? Innovation continues in every corner of the vaping industry. While on the subject of batteries, we’ve already moved beyond basic wattage control and all serious new product contenders sport Temperature Control, which regulates the time the coil is heated and offers better safety at higher power. While most products like the Joyetech Cuboid monitor the change in resistance of the Steel, Nickel or Titanium coil to arrive at the temperature Innokin has introduced a Sub-Ohm tech called Innocell that works with Kanthal (a property of Kanthal is it’s resistance doesn’t change as the temperature rises).

Again following the lead of the re-buildable crew, we’re getting easy fill options. The eLeaf Lemo and Melo as well as the Aspire Cleito now have side fill and makers like Smoktech and Horizon have added top-fill to products like the TFV4 and Spartan for a lot easier refills without taking the whole messy thing apart.

Here’s hoping other manufacturers don’t follow Smoktechs lead by naming their products with cryptic letters and numbers. It’s hard enough to keep everything straight. Having said that, the TFV4 is quite a beast! Smoktech created a complete new line of coils for the TFV4 and are not yet shipping all of them, but there is something here for everyone with triple and quad coils, Clapton winds and Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel options. I actually had to build a Chart to keep them straight.

Another innovator we haven’t mentioned yet is Uwell. Uwell truly deserves the crown for its contributions to vaping including the Uwell Crown and most recently the Rafale. The Rafale not only gives you both top or bottom fill options, they have built the tank from quartz. Fewer broken tanks mean fewer tears shed all around. Cheers Uwell. And they’ve made a stab at fixing another irritant to vapers. Uwell has incorporated their newly patented “anti spit-back system” to the Rafale. My tongue doesn’t get sparked often with my Nautilus Mini but it is annoying.

Finally, we should acknowledge the move from self-contained batteries to mods with integrated circuits that take off-the-shelf 18650 batteries. At the beginning of the year I was quite happy with my iStick 30 Watt but the option to charge a spare cell while using the mod appeals to me.  The added benefits and safety of a Temperature Control mod and the ability to upgrade it via USB to get the latest tweaks in performance will be nice. Names like Sigelei and Wismec come to mind.

It’s a great year to quit that dreadful habit and take up vaping fresh! Visit a vape store and make a positive change.

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