Yocan Torch Vaporizer Enail


Beats a Nail

Torch Portable Nail Rig by Yocan

What is a Torch and Nail but is Torchless? The Yocan Torch torchless eNail, of course. Fires like the real McCoy but fits in your pocket. How? Fitted with two quartz rods, the Yocan Torch enail heats wax between 482F and 536F, a sweet spot for big clean-tasting but comfortable hits. The Torch features an innovative airflow button, a spring-loaded carb that when pressed removes air for purer hits. Yocan Torch is also compatible with 14mm and 18mm ground joints, with male or female attachments depending on the size of your glass piece.

The atomizer features a coil cap to prevent fluid from leaking and a threaded connection for easy replacement and cleaning. You’ll get about 45 rips per charge, which is plenty to get you and some friends through a day. The micro USB charger means you have access to fresh power everywhere your phone does.

The Yocan Torch eNail Vaporizer at a glance…

  • Torchless Enail
  • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Airflow Carb
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • 14mm and 18mm Ground Joints

The Yocan Torch eNail Vaporizer comes with…

  • 1 x Yocan Torch Vaporizer
  • 1 x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cord
  • 1 x Glass Tube
  • 1 x Manual

Bring a Yocan Torch!

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