X-Max V2 Pro All-in-One from XVape


The V-One is an all-in-one for meds

Whether it’s the herb, shatter or oil, X-Vape has you covered.

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Out of stock

Save with the X Max V2 Pro All-in-One from XVape

Unbelievable value in a vaporizer, the X-Max V2 Pro utilizes ceramic and titanium cups for full flavor and maximum absorption. Tubular shaped, the V2-Pro uses a narrow ceramic oven that does not require an especially fine grind. A coarse grind is actually recommended and the vapor pulls without too much resistance. The interchangeable bowls and temperature settings allow for oil and wax concentrates as well.

A comfortable silicone mouthpiece keeps your lips and tongue cool and the chamber is the perfect size for economy of product. The intuitive adjustable temperature settings on the XMax are easily readable and color illuminated. The removable 18650 battery means your investment will outlast the life of the battery, which is a big deal. Current stock is black.

Temperature ranges are:

  • 374°F
  • 392°F
  • 410°F
  • 428°F

The X-Max V2 3-in-One at a glance…

  • Herbal AND Wax/Oil concentrates
  • 5 settings variable Temperature
  • USB charging and detachable battery charging
  • Temperature Control System
  • Better materials , safer and healthier.
  • Size: 156.8×23.8mm
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Set Temperature: 356°F – 374°F-392°F-410°F-428°F
  • Battery Colors: Black, Steel, Gold
  • Materials: Food-class inhaler; Ceramic and Titanium cup

The X-Max V2 3-in-One comes with…

  • XMAX V2 device
  • Battery
  • Spoon
  • Cleaning brush
  • Spoon
  • Tweezers
  • Nickel net
  • Manual
  • Wall adapter
  • USB cable
  • Gift box

Start saving with the XVape X-Max V2 from CommonwealthVapes.com today!

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