Secret Vape Premium 4 Piece Metal Herb Grinder


Fine Grinder

Diamond Edges are the Secret in the Secret Vape Grinder

Anyone who uses herbs on a regular basis should own a 4 piece grinder, and our recommendation is with the Secret Vape Premium Grinder. The teeth on aluminum grinders lose their bite after a while, cutting through stems and the like. It only makes sense that if you edge the teeth with diamond (one of the hardest materials on earth) they’re going to cut sharper, faster and longer. The Secret Vape four piece grinder includes a pollen catcher at the base and is 52mm high. Considered one of the best grinders on the market, the Secret Vape grinder is silver in color and creates a finely ground output.

We’d like to reserve the right to substitute a similar grinder when necessary. Since this is the only diamond edge, we’ll credit you back $5 Cdn if we sub. Thanks and sorry if it comes to pass. 🙂

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