iJoy WonderVape 270 Mech Mod


 With Spin & Press

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The New 20700 WonderVape Mech Mod is Safer and More Accurate

We’re curious to see how you react to the WonderVape by iJoy. Suddenly we’re seeing a wave of new products from iJoy, and they seem to be embracing 20700 lithium ion cells to replace the eponymous 18650s’. Both the new 20700 products so far (this WonderVape Mech Mod being one of them) also come with sleeves to adapt your existing inventory of 18650 cells to fit it. iJoy actually includes one 20700 battery with the mod.

The 20700 cells are touted as better all-round performers so it will be interesting to see how mechanical mod aficionados respond to the option. The newly introduced Spin&Press fire button seems like a good idea for thwarting accidental engagement making it safer yet and you can customize the look with interchangeable sleeves.

Mech mods are intended for advanced users. The idea behind a mech mod is direct current from the battery with no circuitry to sense or adjust to resistance changes. No circuitry means no safety features, inform yourself!

The iJoy WonderVape 270 Mech Mod at a glance…

  • Gold Plated 510 Contact
  • Interchangeable sleeves
  • Spin&press structure fire button
  • 20700 battery included
  • 18650 battery adapter

Get the WonderVape Mech Mod with a Free 20700 Battery

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