Herbivore 4-Piece Clear Top Grinder 4mm


Powder Keg


Clear Top* Grinder with Kief Collection at a Fair Price

Economy is as much about how you prep your herbs as it is about how you use them. We’ve all tried the coffee grinder hack but it wastes a lot, especially the fine, potent powder known as kief. Scissors work but you squish it while you cut and it ends up being too compact to vape or even burn, sometimes. Manual grinders by the likes of Herbivore are designed specifically for the job and work the best. And if you’re going to get one, you might as well have the Kief collector portion of the rig included. The kief collects slowly over time but is a super bonus when it starts to accumulate.

Compact and stealthy, the four piece grinder by Herbivore is 48mm in diameter, which handles ample bud for a few bowls – depending on your idea of a bowl of course. Say about three oven loads in your typical personal vaporizer or one fat doobie. Integrating heavy-duty aluminum teeth that perfectly grind herb down to a finer consistency (viewer window in this model), it drops down onto a pollen screen through which kief falls into the bottom compartment for easy access. The 4 piece unit comes with a felt carry case and scrape tool.

*We haven’t seen the clear tops in a while and are tired of waiting. These are the same design but aluminum (non see through) top. Not only that, it’s impossible to keep track of these. We’d like to reserve the right to substitute a similar grinder when necessary.


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