GuoVape Altus T1 Coiless Tank


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First Coiless Tank on Our Site by GuoVape! But i’ts proven hard to re-order…sorry.

GuoVape? That’s a new one for us but the company was founded by a physicist and he designed this amazing new take on vape. “At the heart of this corrosion resistant high quality stainless steel body is an advanced solid state CVU™ chip that lasts for years. The CVU™ material is one of the fastest thermo conductive materials in the world and is resilient at high temperatures (up to 2000°C). These properties make the CVU™ chip the cutting edge for temperature control and regular power mode settings, ensuring peak performance every hit. Optimal air flow control combined with perfectly balanced wicking gives a perfect hit every time. The Altus T1 offers the purest, cleanest flavor of any atomizer on the market.”

Some people felt the ramp up time on the original Altus was a bit long. The managed to reduce the CVU (central vaping unit) by about 25% on the T1 which shorten that time, and they suggest pressing the fire button a couple of times on the way to your mouth before you start to vape.

If the Altus T1 performs the way it’s purported to we are looking at a major game changer. With this amazing sounding CVU chip all we have to do is replace the cotton. On the T1 they’ve re-designed that bit to get a cotton change done in under a minute.

The top fill section is another sweet piece of engineering with their patented”swing and seal” making juice replenishment just as quick and easy with no leaking. The unit stays together so you’re fumbling with tank, top and bottle and cap with two hands. A 22mm diameter and a 52mm height give it a capacity of a respectable 4ml of e-juice.

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