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Green Chronic Cleaner Gets Top Marks

We’ve been offering Agent Orange for a while now and thought that was good enough, but the reviews on Green Chronic Cleaner are so good we had to add it to our catalog.

“if you only buy one to try then let this one be that ONE. I’ve tried all cleaners offered and all are good. But this one happens to be the best of all, in my opinion anyway”

“Renews the items to their original state. Rinses off easily. Smells great.”

“I just dropped my glass in a plastic container filled with this stuff, and within 2 hours the glass was perfectly clean.”

From the innovators who brought you Orange Chronic and Agent Orange, comes Green Chronic – the newest addition to the best line of cleaning solutions. A 12oz bottle of Green Chronic is the most effective and potent cleaning solution available and works on any type of plastic or acrylic materials without hazing or etching. It’s made from all-natural and renewable resources (including oranges) that provide a refreshing scent of freshness. No need for tedious scrubbing, just pour it in and swirl for immediate results. Green Chronic Cleaner is an Earth Friendly product that’s easy to use and biodegradable. Avoid using harmful chemicals on your vape, keep it clean and green.

Clean Your Vaporizer with Earth Friendly Green Chronic


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