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Fresher Mesh

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More Selection with FreeMax Twister/ FreeMax Mesh Coils X Series

The FreeMax Twister Mesh Replacement Coils is the most updated version of the original FreeMax Mesh Coils. The X1 Mesh Coils, X1 SS316L Mesh Coils, X2 Mesh Coils, and X3 Mesh Coils. The 360-degree E-juice distribution design allows for successive hits as E-liquid absorbs just as fast, minimizing dry hits and burnt wick. Made with 90% porous flax cotton & 10% cotton, these coils are the pinnacle of performance in flavor. The FreeMax Twister Coils offer better and faster absorption and truer taste than other mesh coils in the market.

  • X1 – Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 40-90W)
  • X2 – Mesh Coil (0.2Ω / 40-80W)
  • X3 – Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 50-90W)
  • X4 – Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 40-80W)
  • SS316L – Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 400-550F)
  • NX2 – Mesh Coil (0.5Ω / 20-35W)
  • TX1 – Mesh SS316L Coil (0.12Ω / 400-550F)
  • TX1 – Mesh Kanthal Coil (0.15Ω / 40-90W)
  • TX2 – Mesh Coil (0.2Ω / 40-80W)
  • TNX2 – Mesh Coil (0.5Ω / 20-50W)
  • TX3 – Mesh Coil (0.15 / 50-90W)
  • TX4 – Mesh Coil (0.15Ω / 40-80W)
  • 360 Degree E-liquid Feeding mechanic
  • 90% Porous Flax Cotton
  • 10% Cotton
  • 5ml E-liquid Capacity

Taste the Genius Behind FreeMax Mesh

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TNX2 Mesh 0.5 Ohm, TX1 Kanthal Mesh 0.15 Ohm, TX1 SS316L Mesh 0.12 Ohm, TX2 Mesh 0.2 Ohm, TX3 Mesh 0.15 Ohm, TX4 Mesh 0.15 Ohm, X1 Mesh 0.15 Ohm, X1 Mesh 0.2 Ohm, X4 Mesh, X1 Mesh SS316L, X2 Mesh Coil, X3 Mesh


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