Easy Vape V5 Desktop Digital Vaporizer


Cheap and Easy


Buying a Desktop Digital Vaporizer is Easy

It used to be, you shelled out hundreds of dollars for a full convection desktop vaping unit worth it’s salt. Recently we’ve added two new desktop units that barely break the hundred dollar barrier. Digital is definitely easier, with a large illuminated LCD display that shows the set temperature, the heating core temperature, and the time to run. There’s also an automatic shut off that can be set for up to an hour before shutting down.

Easy Vape Version 5 now has a ceramic filter screen. In the past, the metal screen would sometimes get hot enough to scorch the herbal material, but with the newest Easy Vape that’s a thing of the past, guaranteeing clean, smoke-free vapor every time. The unit comes with a hands-free ground glass whip, a glass mouthpiece, medical grade silicone tubing, and an instruction manual. Available in four rich colors (black, blue, red, silver), the Easy Vape V5 has an awesome look that’s half KitchenAid and half future bot. To get the most out of your herbs, a convection desktop vaporizer is the way to go. Easy Vape didn’t just make it easier, they made it a lot more affordable for everyone.

Experience the advantages of convection vaping with the Easy Vape V5.

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Black, Blue, Red, Silver, White

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