Sirius Nic Salts e-Juice by Dr. Fog


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Sirius Nic Salts e-Juice by Dr. Fog Deep Fried

Sirius Nic Salts e-Juice by Dr. Fog is another star in Dr. Fogs Nic Salts series borrowed from the regular lineup with a creamy sweet flavor you’ll want all the time. The strawberry fruit flavor comes through clear and fresh in a smooth ice-cream base with a twist. This fireball of an e-liquid gets deep-fried for added flavor nuance that makes it truly irresistible. Enjoy deep-fried strawberry ice-cream as long as you want. Zero calories, great taste!

The Dr. Fog Nic Salts series offers many of his most popular flavorings with traditional freebase nicotine replaced with nic salts. Nic Salts operate much differently than freebase nicotine. These salts form naturally in leaf tobacco and are considered to be a more stable form of nicotine than free base. Many new vapers miss a higher level of nicotine but find freebase nic too harsh in higher doses. Nic salts provide all the nicotine without the harshness and have little if any effect on the overall flavor. Many vapers who switch to zero nic strength report a much purer flavor because freebase nicotine does impart its own flavor to the mix. Please Note: The 12 mg has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio, all other strengths are 65% VG 35% PG ratio.

Additional information

Bottle Size

30ml, 60ml

Nic Salts

12mg, 20mg, 30mg, 35mg, 50mg


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