Out of Stock!!!

Our in-stock rate is Good, but it needs to be Better.

Vapes empty warehouse Canada

Yegads. We barely finished getting the new host and pages up and still sorting out layout, menu’s, categories and the like, but I have to say, what keeps me up at night is inventory. When you think about how someone comes up with an idea like “I’m going to build a better vape. It’s gonna have lasers!” and from there it’s everyone from designers to bankers to get the first one made. And lo and behold, the damn thing works!

So you’ve built a better vape and your house is mortgaged to the hilt but you’ve got to get it out there. You take on investors and promote the idea – nobody ever googled laser vapes, you’ve got a long road ahead but then the next wave of good fortune is pounding at your door. People are buying it and re-ordering. Oh S#it. My dreams have come true but now I really need to ramp it up. And so it goes. Keep product in the stream or someone else will step up and your ever-so-patient customers will flock to a more reliable supply.

Every one of our favorite manufacturers pushes that boulder up the hill every day, and the people that stand between them and you can be your friend one day and your biggest disappointment the next. Online vape dealers like Commonwealth stand at the top the mountain cheering and goading them on till we finally get the products they’ve been having us hype the whole time and whoooosh, there they go down the other side faster than a speeding train, direct to your door or a brick and mortar store.

With the mere threat of a postal strike in Canada our shipments in and/or from the US require much more finesse and the smallest time-lag in an order can sometimes mean the last of a color, or a coil or whatever. Sometimes we incur additional expense to pull from separate warehouses and pay the shipping twice but that has become more costly due to the threat as well. We’ve reduced our selection of pre-wound coils and a few other lower priced items in respect to this short-term dilemma and wanted you to know they will be back once Canada and Canada Post get it sorted (ha ha – a pun).

Bottom Line: We will continue to strive towards 100% completion and satisfaction within the confines of our competitive price and shipping charges. When we don’t, we will let you know withing 12 hours, usually much less.