Legal Issues with Nicotine

Crystal Gazing at 2017

2016 will not be one of my favorite years. I hate to start any sort of conversation with negativity but overall, 2016 basically sucked. We made headway with Google rankings and such, I’m certainly not complaining about that anymore, but with the deaths of so many icons and the prohibitive laws the US brought in for vape shops, not to mention Quebec. Climate change and elections and blah, blah blah. DONE!

But I’m actually pretty optimistic a change is in the wind. In Canada our newish Liberal government is moving in the direction of relaxing laws on Cannabinoids. We used to offer CBD products until our credit card processing was pulled (same with nicotine). We probably won’t re-enter the CBD market here but at least we can call a herbal vaporizer a herbal vaporizer (PayPal would prefer we don’t).

Health Minister Philpott seems to be taking a level headed approach to vaping products as well. “On November 22, Minister Philpott and Senator Petitclerc introduced new Tobacco and Vaping Products legislation. If passed, Bill S-5 will protect youth from nicotine addiction and tobacco use, while allowing adults to access vaping products as likely less harmful alternatives to tobacco use.” Among the recommendations is allowing e-juice with nicotine to cross the border into Canada. I’m sure most of you know that to a certain degree, any American label joose is basically contraband. With the new legislation (if we understand it correctly and it gets passed) Commonwealth Vapes will be offering a bigger variety shipped direct from the US to you.

Whether PayPal likes it or not. I would imagine they’ll adjust their policies to reflect new legislation, but we’ve got a slew of alternate payment systems readying for takeoff and I’m optimistic some of that monopoly will be shaken up too. That should mean lower transaction fees, easier access and lower prices overall.

The election in America is over and Donald Trump will soon be inaugurated. While many people are worried about what the Donald might do, one thing is for sure; he’s business friendly. And the vaping laws in the States brought in in 2016 are definitely NOT business friendly. I have a strong feeling that Mr. Trump will do a little disrupting with some of the barriers to growth at home, and again, I think that’s going to have a positive effect throughout North America, with the economy in general and vaping laws in particular. I hope I’m right.