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What is an e-Cig?

For the most part, an e-cigarette is comprised of a tank to hold the e-juice, a coil inside the tank to heat and vaporize the liquid, and a battery to power it. Tanks and clearomizers are the 2 most popular designs of e-cigarettes today. A third option, not sold on this site is the disposable, typically under a brand like Blu and made by one of the original cigarette companies. While the mainstream vaping community adheres to an “open” design policy that allows for different manufactures models working together (think 510 connection), the disposables are what are referred to as a closed system. No user intervention such as refilling, recharging, etc. is encouraged.

Generally speaking, the difference between the 2 refillable e cigs sold here is size. A tank holds more e juice. The tank is designed to create maximum vapes with greater airflow control. Typically, tanks push the technological envelope and the best technologies end up in clearomizers. Clearos are much cheaper and sometimes not as solidly built but a lot more compact. Almost all new introductions are referred to as tanks. Newer models of tanks support top-fill and lower resistance. These tanks usually require more power to run them but produce a truer flavor and more abundant vapor.

Construction and Use of modern bottom fill e cigarettes:

Both tanks and clearos have the same basic design.

  • The bottom plate includes a canon style thread (ego 510) to attach to the battery.
  • A glass cylinder houses the ejuice and coil.
  • A mouthpiece for drawing the vapor in

To fill and refill (bottom-fill)

  1. hold the unit upside down
  2. unscrew the bottom plate from the glass cylinder (clearomizer)
  3. the plate will separate from the cylinder. The plate is holding the coil. If you turn the coil counter-clockwise it will separate from the base.
  4. Wick the e-juice down the inside of the glass as you would pour a beer, careful to fill below the top of the metal cylinder on the inside of the glass
  5. return the base unit to the top and screw clockwise

Refilling for a top-fill like the CE5 is the same except that the topmouthpiece section is removed while in the upright position.

Care and Maintenance

Just a few tips that might not seem obvious to a beginner:

  • don’t run your juice right down – refill before you get a burning taste
  • don’t run your battery right down and don’t leave it in the charger for extended periods of time
  • when refilling, take a moment now and then to wipe the threads of the clearomizer and push some cloth in and twist to clean the battery screw hole as well. It accumulates a black combination of juice and the results of conduction.
  • while the clearo is detached wrap a tissue lightly around the air holes on the clearo and give it a couple of blows. Some e juice may squirt out and any other blockages will be cleared

 Here’s a silly, and maybe long winded video produced by NCSCTfilms that covers a lot, including safety.

We have more information in the Coils section here!

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And the Battery FAQ here!

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