YIHI SX Pure Coils Fact Checker

YIHI SX-Pure coilless head CanadaSX Pure Coils Promise Less Maintenance, Better Flavor

Yihi has been advancing vape mod chipset design for a while now, and as their chips become more advanced, they seem to have grown impatient with tank manufacturers to get with the program. By introducing their own design for a coil-less atomizer head tank manufacturers can now pair an advanced mod like the iPv6x with a tank using this innovative design.

The reason you need a Yihi mod is due to the particular characteristics of the “alloy” Yihi is using to build these elements. An alloy is basically a blend of metals to create the desired characteristics, in this case, likely resistance, safety, and wear. You must be using an approved mod with these heads, buyer beware.

The actual element is a jagged bent metal with a “U” shaped channel to accept wick or cotton. Replace the wick as needed and expect the “head” to last about 3 months. Cleaning is a breeze. Remove the wick and burn it off. You’re done!