Dry Herb and Waxy Oils Glossary of Terms

Quick Definitions of Common Vape Terms when Purchasing a Vaporizer

510 Connection – or ego 510, a predefined standard all manufacturers adhere to for interchangeability. If you have an atomizer with a 510 connection and so does the mod or battery, the size and thread style will match and they will connect and work together.

Atomizer – the coil that heats up. Generally in vapes like glass globe atomizers the wire coil is exposed and dabs are placed directly on it. When power is applied, the wire coil heats up and “atomizes” or vaporizes the product.

Bubblers – bubblers are like hookah attachments for your electronic vape. The bubbler specifically designed for your dry herb or wax vaporizer is attached to the unit in place of the usual mouthpiece and cooling, possibly flavored, liquid rests in a valley. As you inhale the vapor passes the liquid and cools it for your throat.

Cannabinoid – THC is just one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most recognizable since it has low psychoactive properties but seems to alleviate a variety of medical issues. Much of the beneficial cannabinoids and flavenoids are destroyed when smoked (but not vaped!).

Coil – see atomizer. Basically a wire made from kanthal, a metal with stable resistance at varying temperatures, wound X number of turns to create the desired resistance and connected to the power supply.

Ceramic Oven – the coil is encased in ceramic material which is then heated evenly throughout the ceramic material providing a cleaner, more efficient vaporization than bare coils

Convection – a true convection vaporizer heats with warm air only. Your product is never heated directly (conduction). As you inhale the heated air first passes through the material and the warmth of the air atomizes the medicinal elements. Convection is the cleanest method of vaporization with no chance of burning or smoke and, therefore, the most efficient.

Conduction – conduction ovens typically use the ceramic oven. When the ceramics are applied to the coil, a well is created to hold the herbs.

Dabs – popular name for waxy concentrates used with Globes, Nails and specialty vaporizers with ceramic ovens

Forced-Air Vaporizers – mostly in desktop units as far as we know, the unit has a small fan forcing the air through the herb and collected in a balloon or drawn through a whip

Glass on Glass – a term frequently used in vapes to describe a vapor pathway of all glass. While plastics, rubbers and metals have a smell or taste, glass on glass guarantees a pure pathway that won’t pick up chemicals or taste along the way

Ground Glass – ground glass looks sandblasted with a foggy, opaque look. Ground glass is used in glass on glass to provide a tight, secure connection.

Grinder (3 or 4 Piece) – grinders do quick work of turning bus into nice, consistent fluff. Beautiful for vaping, everyone should have one. The 4 part grinder has a small screw off bottom lid behind a filter. The really fine stuff makes its way through the filter into the bottom compartment. It takes ages to accumulate but the powder is highly prized and often referred to as kief.

Kief – from wikipedia: refers to the resinous trichomes of cannabis that may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen or sieve. Kief contains a much higher concentration of cannabinoids, such as THC and is traditionally packed into cakes to make hashish.

Oil Diffuser / Aromatherapy Bowl – either included or as an add on to some desktop vaporizers you can enjoy the scent of essential oils throughout the room.

Water Filtration Device – simple glass attachments adapt your existing water filtration device (hookah) to your vaporizer