e-Cig and Vaping FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About e-Cigs and Vapes

We’re here to make your online vaporizer buying experience as pleasant as we can. We’ve put together an e-Cig FAQ with some useful information on the various vaping components in their respective categories for easy reference. Bookmark This! to keep a handy reference place when you have a question about ohms, e juice, coils and what have you.

We are experiencing the greatest renaissance in public health in a very long time. As evidence of the advantages of vapor over combustion mount, it’s still very important to keep yourself and friends up to date and informed of both the risks and benefits of vaping. As information becomes available we post to our Facebook and Google + pages. You can follow us here

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We’ve broken down the FAQs in the same manner our categories are organized. Here’s links to each:
Batteries and Mods FAQ
Atomizer Coil Heads
Dry Herb Vape FAQ
Joose FAQ
e-cig Tank FAQ
Glossary of Terms
Troubleshooting Tips

We will try to keep this up to date as vaping tech progresses.