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Want people to read your stuff? Share your experiences with a vaping product, service, e-juice flavor or anything else vape related. We would absolutely love to have some contributions and/or comments from your point of view.

The vaping community may well be the most vibrant community on the internet. We are a mixed crowd of all ages and denominations with a common success story. Astoundingly, our joy was met with distrust and fear and we are in danger of being swept aside by over zealous groups who have taken it upon themselves to save us from what they see as just another form of smoking. We must stand up and we must be heard.

All vapers know first hand what none of these anti-everythings’ don’t. We used to smoke and now we don’t. We feel healthier, have better breathing and we don’t smell of smoke. We’re saving money on a daily basis and protecting ourselves and those around us by atomization, not combustion.

Tell us your story. Share your insights. Get involved and we’ll publish your stories here.