Vaporesso e-cig maker cCell ceramic coil target pro canada“At Vaporesso we’re passionate about vaping culture and the energy that surrounds the vaping community. We work to bring our innovative technologies to customers new, and old that love vaping like we do.”

“The Vaporesso brand was created to bring safety, convenience, and accessibility to the e-cigarette industry in a way not yet seen. From a fundamental level, Vaporesso looks to leverage technological advances in research and development and expert manufacturing to make e-cigarette hardware safer, with improved heating elements, more convenient with leakless tanks, and more accessible, with mods that meet the needs of every kind of vaper, be they novices or experts. We imagine a world where our products change the lives of our end users, whether to quit smoking or for recreation, for our partners to bring these advances to their customers in markets around the globe.”

Vaporesso has a long background in e-cigarette design and manufacturing but up until recently products were only built for other brands. Since Vaporesso has entered the market under its own name, it really has lived up to the words in the above statement. Good quality products pushing toward longer lasting coils with better flavor than traditional’s. Their latest redesign does away with the metal sleeve reducing costs and waste and halving the price of their replacement coils.