The Smoktech Company

smok-logo-commonwealthvapes-canadaSMOK is the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited, a world leader in e-cigarette development and manufacturing. Innovating since 2010 the company brought dual coil technology to the vape world and continues to innovate with exciting products like the Cubis and X-Cube II.

With some of the top product introductions of this year (2016), they don’t seem to be taking anything for granted. First, the TFV4 quickly followed by the TFV8 became the tank to have (and if you didn’t have it, you wanted it). Nicknamed “The Cloud Beast” this tank turns joose to vapor like no other. New versions abound. The TFV12, V12-Baby, V12-Prince and so on, there’s a Smok coil design for every style and budget. Smoks’ Koopor line of mods, as well as the X Cube and H-Priv are so popular we have a hard time getting them. Their latest push has been into the Bluetooth arena, creating the SmartBEC (Smart Bluetooth e-Cigarette) interface that will likely become another standard that this forward-looking company has set. Our only problem with the Smok line is keeping them in stock. Demand for the latest products always outstrips supply in Canada and the US.

Dedicated to providing safe, reliable products and after sales support (including firmware updates) the companies motto says it all:

“Success Starts Where It Ends :With the Customers”