The KangerTech Company

Buy Genuine KangerTech brand vaping products at Commonwealth Vapes CanadaKangerTech is a Heavy Weight in e-Cigarette Tech

KangerTech has a long reputation as a premier manufacturer of innovative e-cig design and is generally one of the first to market with technological advancements. Established in 2007 in China, it is the leading e-cigarette atomizer and e-cig battery manufacturer there.

Recognizable names like AeroTank, ProTank, T3D, SuBox, and EVOD are all Kanger brands. Many new innovations to vaping technology continue to emerge from their labs. From safety features like child lock tanks in the CL series to leak-proof designs like the Cupti and squonkers like the Dripbox, Kanger is leading the push for safety, usability and great tasting vapes.

In recent years KangerTech has consolidated a number of its designs making the replacement coils compatible across a wide range of tanks. Kanger maintains offices and websites around the world (with a sales and service office in the US Commonwealth Vapes Canada is affiliated with) and continues to dominate the China market, where it helped create the vaping revolution.