Quality and Innovation with JoyeTech

joyetech_tanks_mods_vape_kits_canadaJoyeTech has a long history of e cigarette innovation dating back to 2008. Only one other personal vaporizer brand carried by Commonwealth Vapes dates as far back. Established in 2007 they quickly became the name brand.

In September of 2008 Joyetech developed the Joye 510 and in October of 2009, Joyetech developed the eGo e-cigarette, beginning the trend of compact design and prolonged battery life. You’ll see many references to eGo 510 compatibility throughout our pages, all thanks to JoyeTech.

When a company designs something right, other manufacturers jump on board and that is exactly what has happened with Joyetech over the years, constantly re-imagining the e-cig and atomizer and developing industry standards in its wake.

iSmoka, its parent company, has an enviable lineup of brand names including eLeaf and Wismec, but the crown jewel is Joyetech. You will find dozens of great products by them here including eGo, iJust, Delta, Cubis, eGrip and eVic. Entries into the nic salts pod market like the Atopack Dolphin and Penguin and some “outside the box” thinking with different battery chemistry like Ni-Mh for a better match on a DC style setup keeps their competitors on their toes. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newly converted ex-smoker, they have built a product for you.

“Joyetech can be all you want. Our goal is that everyone has a great experience with Joyetech, in accordance with our slogan, “Joy Life with E Technology”.” We can truly say that we enjoy life far more since we switched to vaping. Find the latest Joyetech vaping products available in Canada at Commonwealth Vapes.