Horizon Tech

Horizon-e-cigarettes-canada-vapeHorizon Tech is a Leader in Tank & Coil Price/Performance

e-Cig Manufacturer Horizon Tech is based in Shenzhen, China and has been disrupting the industry over the past couple years with tanks and coils that produce a vapor that’s fuller, cooler and more flavorful. Their products are not only leading edge and solidly manufactured, their prices continue to lower the cost of vaping.

Horizon continues to dominate the leading edge of e-cigarette product development and their coils are more affordable than most. Products like the Arctic, Phantom, Spartan, Krixus and Cerakoat tanks all enjoy high praise from vapers around the world and newer introductions such as the Arco, with its blend of flax and cotton wicking are also being imitated by other manufacturers. So far we’ve only seen innovative tanks and coils from the company. They seem to be specializing in the tank and coil category and letting other manufacturers battle it out on the battery mod front.

If you are looking for a quality, well-respected brand of tanks and coils – including popular winds, weaves, and ceramic coatings – Horizon Tech is a solid choice – but not always easy to find here in Canada. Look to Commonwealth Vapes first for all new product introductions.