Beginners Guide to Vaping

5 Easy Steps to Ditching the Habit

*Note: If you’re looking for a guide to getting started vaping herbs click here.

You’ve heard the fuss about vaping and now you’re ready to take the next step and ditch your old habit for good. Vaping is the only smoking cessation device I’ve used that worked for any length of time. I’ve been vaping for 2 and a half years now, smoke and odor free.

This short pamphlet is meant to get you past the first few hurdles of what to buy and how to get started. Something current vapers may want to share with family or friends whose smoking concerns them.

The Steps are simple but some of the terminology can be overwhelming. Rather than argue the finer points of starting with a fancy “mod” my goal is to get you to at least try it because if you really do want to quit smoking even the cheapest unit will work.

Step 1 – choose a budget 50? 75? 100?

Step 2 – choose a style – pen style or box-like mod

Step 3 – How to choose e-juice flavor and strength

Step 4 – Get Vaping – How to charge the battery, fill the tank and begin the journey!

Let’s get started.

Pen Style:

Pros –

  • Less expensive
  • CompactKangertech subvod starter kit canada
  • Familiar feel

Cons –

  • less capacity (e-juice and battery runtime)
  • Slightly less vapor production

Box style:

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

Pros  –

  • Longer runtime
  • More flexibility with settings

Cons –

  • Bulkier in pocket
  • Can be more complicated for a beginner
  • More expensive

Most new vapers making the switch choose a tobacco e-juice flavor. If you’re buying for a friend try to learn a bit about what brand and strength they smoke. If they’ve been smoking Export A or Marlboro full strength consider nicotine concentration in the 18 – 24mg strengths, which is at the highest end of the scale. Too much nicotine will cause a cough reaction. If  you’re starting out, 18 would be a good maximum starting point, and if you’re still not feeling it, then move up. You now get the idea. 12mg equates to mild cigarette and 8mg is like the extra- or ultra-mild with the air-holes in the filter. First timers should bring their new kit into a local vape shop and try some local juice. It’s a great place to learn and gain encouragement.

All our newer kits support top-fill. The user simply unscrews the top and pours e-juice into the tank. The goal is to How to fill a typical top fill tank evod vape pen canadalet the juice slide down the inside of the glass, the way you would pour a beer. Re-attach the top and give it a wipe if necessary. It’s good to give a new e-cig or newly replaced coil a minute or two after filling for the juice to fully soak the hidden wick before taking your first vape. Re-attach the top and you’re in business!

As for charging the majority of these kits are plug and play. Take the charger that comes with your new vape and charge it just like you would your phone.

We maintain a glossary and FAQ to help you along the way. If you need further assistance reach out here.

Download or Print pdf file: 5-easy-steps-to-ditching-the-habit-this-year