About Commonwealth Vapes

Whether you’re looking for a cheap vaping starter kit or an advanced mech mod, choose from a comprehensive selection of the best and most reliable e-cigarettes, vaporizers, mods and accessories available and ready to ship. We are your best online resource for vape information Vape FAQ, supplies, rebuildable atomizers and RTA’s, replacement coils, variable wattage & voltage batteries and Temperature Control mods, as well as complete, affordable e-cigarette starter kits in 2018. Whether you’re new to the world of vaping looking for a beginner vape kit or a seasoned cloud chaser after specialty wires and coils, you’ll find all the supplies you need right here. Be sure to stop by our Facebook page and Like Us for news and product updates!

Commonwealth Vapes Mission Statement

headshotOur intention is to be the leading online vape supply website in Canada and the US by continually striving to improve the purchasing experience of  e-cigarette kits, batteries, mods and e-juices online. From product procurement and testing through to display information, fair pricing, same or next day day shipping on in-stock products and customer satisfaction follow up, we will endeavor to explore every avenue of improvement toward a long, reliable experience for our customers.

 Customer satisfaction and retention is our mission.

Our products are researched for manufacturer reliability and dependability of workmanship and only genuine products are offered. We endeavor to respond quickly to customer queries and deliver the best possible value in a transaction.


Commonwealth Vapes builds long standing, mutually beneficial partnerships with its e-cigarette suppliers and customers. We keep our product lines closely tied to manufacturer authorized warehouses in North America. Products are available for shipping at the time we post them on our website. At times popular, quick selling vape kits or components will be listed on the website that may become out of stock before we have updated stock status on the site. If an order has been received for a product on back-order we will notify you within about 12 hours of the stock depletion and provide a refund or other suitable arrangements at your request.


We are reviewing shipping costs, currency exchanges, and margins on an ongoing basis to keep our overall pricing as low as economics will allow. In fact, our random price checks show our prices to be competitive in both Canada and the US.

Our intention is to provide you with a site you can trust for delivering:

  • the right information when you shop
  • a price you can trust to be frugal when you order
  • the correct product when it ships
  • fast processing and shipping

By maintaining strong ties with our suppliers and a streamlined delivery channel, we are able to provide only the newest products at a lower margin of markup than many of our competitors. Orders under $149 in Canada pay a flat fee of $15 for shipping, US customers pay the US dollar equivalent, or about $12 flat fee shipping. Orders of $150.00 or higher may be subject to additional shipping or customs charges.

We endeavor to ship the same day or next for in-stock products and ship only from within North America.


We’ve designed our checkout for quick and easy Guest Checkout or you may create an account to save time on future orders. Due to laws governing cross-border nicotine shipments, we are only offering zero nicotine options for the time being. We are preparing for changes in this regard once Bill S5 is passed in Canada.

By positioning Commonwealth Vapes Inc. as an online retailer operating within all real or perceived laws in the United States and Canada, we can expect the same treatment from shipping, customs, and financial processing firms as any other online store. This protects us in the long run and assures our customers of our ability to withstand the changing tides of politics and the law. You can read more about our reasoning behind our product delivery model in the blog post “Fulfilling Our Commitments”

Carts are easily emptied and quantities can be changed with a click. Enjoy your visit.

You must be of legal age in your area of residence to enter or order from this site.

If you have questions, feedback or are having difficulties, please email us at sales@commonwealthvapes.com