Tasting the Horizon Arco II Tank

My Multi-Coil Evolution in Search Of TFV8 Compatibility

This is the third in a series of my personal learning curve with new vaping products as they/we/I advance. If you haven’t read the previous 2 posts, here and here, I’m a bit cheap. Although I love vaping and tech, probably my two biggest interests, I don’t jump on every bandwagon and I try to choose my purchases shrewdly. For example, to move into sub-ohm multi-coil vaping I needed a longer lasting mod so I bought the Scion kit with the Scion tank which conveniently came with two free 20700 cells. Even with the Scion, I was going through 3 batteries a day (single 20700 mod). With the 2 batteries Innokin kindly provided in the kit I was still running out of power before the other was charged so on my next order I planned for two more 20700’s.That way if my newest tank acquisition required higher wattage I could always have a spare.

My experience with the Scion tank was an eye opener in terms of throat hit, clouds, and flavor but I struggled with the top cap. Sometimes the suction inside the tank made removing the top difficult bare-handed and the teeth-marks the pliers left were starting to annoy me. Same goes for the coil replacement, I found it very difficult and messy to change a coil and there were times I feared I had destroyed the tank trying to separate the coil from the tank. Besides that, I was reading constantly about the different manufacturing methods to eke out more flavor and longevity from a TFV8 compatible coil (like the Sense Blazer reverse sandwich and the Arco Cotton and Flax hybrid.

I started my search at Reddit to determine which tanks would handle the TFV8 coils. It has just occurred to me that I never actually considered an original TFV8 by Smok. No particular reason, I’ve never owned a Smok product so I have no prejudice, I guess I just wanted to test coil compatibility for myself. I have a sneaking suspicion the Scion I had was Baby compatible but I don’t have a way to test that theory yet.

Most vapers in the forums seem to like the eLeaf Ello or Melo tank but I couldn’t find a separate tank without buying another kit at the time. The Tobeco Super Tank is considered the ultimate tank by many on Reddit, but I couldn’t wrap my head around a that’s been around that long being TFV8 compatible. Everyone says it is, and I have a feeling I’ll be getting one sooner or later, just to find out, but for this go-round, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. I wanted to take advantage of the larger coils and I knew that Horizon has a good reputation for well-made products and innovative coil design so I settled on the Arco 2.

Out of the box, my anticipation ebbed a bit. For one thing, I had forgotten that the only color available was a weird green. I’m not too worried about what other people think about the looks of my vape but the color itself makes the tank look cheap, in my opinion. The top-cap is a quarter turn threaded design and at first glance, it didn’t seem as robust the Scion but after using it for the past three weeks or so

I have to say it does the job it was designed to do. I haven’t experienced a seized up threading yet, and the only leak I noticed was after changing the first coil, I must not have tightened it enough the first time. This could be considered a problem because when you’re tightening it you’re turning everything at the bottom. You feel the air-control dial moving and you don’t want to put too much pressure on it, but so far no problems, although I’ve only changed the one coil so far.

I soaked it good and started a little low at around 45 watts but quickly moved up to 55W. The range on the Arco 2 T6 head (0.2 ohm, two in the package) is supposed to be 80 – 90 watts but I have yet to use a tank and coil combo at the recommended settings. Maybe it’s because I prefer a choked air supply for a more MTL feel. The only way I could handle this bad boy at 80 watts would be full air. The improvement in both flavor and vapor was unmistakable though. Sometimes you have to go back and forth for a while to really appreciate a new setup, but there was absolutely no reason to look back once I had tasted it.

The idea behind the Horizon Arco coils is to blend cotton and flax. The flax provides a channel for the e-liquid and expands over time. They claim this actually improves the flavor with use. It’s the kind of claim that’s hard to either prove or disprove but I will say that the flavor of the coil was still very good after 2 weeks, but the coil started to leak. Now that I write that I wonder if the bottom didn’t just loosen and I made the assumption. I’m going to have to leave this and update it when I’ve had more experience with it. Besides that, I really am happy to have made it to the TFV8 compatible tanks. If the Arco is any indication, there’s a reason the Smok TFV line is so popular.