Getting Started with a Beginner Vaping Kit

Vaping is Cheap and Easy

Cheap vape starter kits are the easy way to switch. Save money and your breath with an inexpensive, well built vaping kit for beginners and pros’ alike. Everything you need to get started vaping, just add e-juice. You’ll be vaping within hours of receiving your new vape kit from Commonwealth Vapes.

Switch to Vapes with One of Our Inexpensive e-Cigarette Kits

For a beginner, choosing a new e-cigarette (commonly referred to as a vape – we’d like to distance ourselves from the old habit) is confusing and frustrating. Unfortunately getting used to an electronic device to replace a burning cigarette was a big switch for every vaper out there. Even though I now prefer vapor and the smell and taste of an analog cigarette has become offensive to me, in the beginning it wasn’t all that.

Beginner Vaping Tip #1


Getting over the hurdle of changing an ingrained habit takes resolve, even when you hate the habit. So my number one tip to you is treat it like it’s life or death. I’m not allowed by law to make any health claims but I’m sure you know what I mean. Tell yourself that no matter how frustrated you get with broken tanks, dead batteries and spilled e-juice you’re going to stick with it. In the end, that’s the only difference between the ones that have tried and continued to smoke and the rest of us lucky vapers. We wanted it badder.

Beginner Vaping Tip #2

Buy a kit and some juice.

It’s not that hard. Buy a cheap vaping kit. Don’t get too fancy and don’t spend too much or too little. Buy a cheap beginners kit or cheap starter kit in Canada for anywhere from $40 to $80. We’ll list some on this page (and cheap doesn’t mean crappy at Commonwealth. It’s a term people search for “cheap vaping kits” or “cheap starter kits” and we want to be a part of their decision making process).

Don’t worry about all the tech terms until you’re ready to branch out a bit. Once you’re in the swim of it the money you save can easily fund new tanks and mods. It will take your taste-buds a while to adjust, so don’t freak out if it doesn’t taste just like the burning kind. Years of smoking have dulled your sense of flavor, I’m sorry to report. You’ll still get the throat hit of nicotine and you’ll still know if the nicotine blend is too high or too low. If it’s too low you won’t feel it and if it’s too high you’ll gag. Refer to the Quick Start Guide to choose your initial e-juice strength.

Beginner Vaping Tip #3

Keep a USB cord, charger and extra e-juice nearby.

This falls into the “have a plan” category. There will be times when your tank runs dry (stop right away! You’ll ruin your coil and the taste will stay with you for days!) and you’re tempted to buy a pack. That’s how most fail. I’ve been in situations where guys are smoking and I felt like bumming one. As long as I have my vape, a drag or 2 from it will make me forget all about it. It’s almost magic. You don’t realize you’re craving nicotine and you don’t feel like your taking in nicotine (like with gum for example) but the craving is gone and you still have a good taste in your mouth. And always have an extra box of coils and e-juice.

Benefits of Vaping

  1. It really is a lot cheaper. Even though many of us begin to enjoy it so much we buy a lot of new mods and tanks, chasing ever larger, more flavorful clouds, it’s still way cheaper.
  2. It doesn’t leave any smell on your clothes
  3. You won’t be listening to that gurgling of tar in your throat any more
  4. You’ll feel healthier
  5. Your taste buds will start to wake up after a few weeks. Don’t worry about flavors too much till then. Get some tobacco flavor and stick with it. Even if you have a cigarette it doesn’t mean you stopped quitting. We all did that from time to time. After a while the novelty wears off.
  6. You’ll actually enjoy sitting with a fresh new juice, and most vapers reduce the nicotine content over time, just to get more flavor!