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What’s a Nic Salt?

What is the difference between nicotine and nic salts?

Nic salts explained Commonwealth Vapes CanadaNic salts are created using a variety of formulas, one method is patented by Juul, the disposable vape company. The nicotine we are used to is actually called Freebase nicotine, and is created in a similar way to freebase cocaine. Nicotine salts are created by adding a small percentage of acid, usually Benzoic, that crystallizes the nicotine. Nicotine salts appear naturally on the leaf of the plant but are not absorbed into the body the same way as traditional nicotine. Although referred to as salts, the product is distributed suspended in VG or PG liquid.

Nic salt compared to traditional:

  1. much longer shelf life
  2. much less burn to the throat
  3. requires lower heat
  4. requires higher concentration – up to 50mg
  5. provides an instant “kick”
  6. does not build up in the bloodstream

Most of the new pod vaporizers like Suorin and Penguin are designed for nic salts or high nicotine concentration in a Max PG solution. This allows the manufacturer to ship a relatively small battery in the device. Overall size is reduced allowing for more innovation in overall look and feel.

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