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First Encounters with the Innokin Oceanus 20700 Mod and Scion Tank Kit

I ordered the Oceanus mod and Scion kit as soon as I saw it. I had been looking for a new replaceable battery mod to supplant the growing collection of integrated mods on my shelf. They’ve all been great really, the eLeaf iStick 50W is still a major standby, and the little 80W Tarot I got with a Vaporesso Veco tank does the job for temperature control in a compact form, but it could use a longer life. I was switching between the two and an older iStick 30 watt after about 8 hours. If you time it right, 8 hours is plenty. If you don’t… you don’t vape.

So the idea of vape while charging appealed to me. It meant if I did bring a half dead battery I could always plug it in in the car or whatever, and continue on, albeit, tethered to the charger. Another option that was gaining in my list of wants was replaceable batteries. When I first came to vaping the options were overwhelming and I didn’t really understand how one 18650 might differ from another so I stuck with integrated cells. The idea of having an external charger and a second battery always at the ready appealed to me though.Innokin Oceanus 20700 Mod and Scion Tank Kit beside Vaporesso Tarot with Veco tank Canada

On this last go round I wasn’t really looking to replace my Veco tank. I like the ceramic coils. I get pretty good life out of a coil, 2 to 3 weeks, which is better than I get from others but not as long as some of the advertising had me expecting. The flavor is among the best I’ve tried, for my particular tastes. I noticed, for instance, comments on Reddit that they loved the Veco with the 0.5 ohm clapton coils. I’ve gone back to try them a few times and for me they choke my throat. My first few vapes with the Scion were no better. Luckily I kept it on a separate mod and kept trying. But for now I’d like to focus on why I chose the Oceanus and what my reaction to it was.

Why I chose the Innokin Oceanus:

After reviewing the options in everyday mods it became apparent there was a bit of a revolution in replaceable batteries going on. Tesla had already outlined the advantages of the 20700 format over the current trend of 18650 cells to it’s board of directors. It basically came down to a 10% increase in size for a 33% increase in energy. It didn’t take long after that for e-cig manufacturers to climb on board and that hit my FOMO button. I didn’t want to invest in yet another mod to find it was on a path of obsolescence. The actual size of the mod is barely bigger than my 50 watt iStick but pumps 110 watts with a rating of 3000mAh.

Buying a replaceable battery mod is one thing, buying a couple more batteries is another. Rather than make me chose the right 20700 cell for the Oceanus, Innokin just included two! So I’m getting a new mod with all the bells and whistles, two powerful new 30A 20700 batteries AND Innokin thoughtfully included 2 silicone transport covers. Stretch on, stretch off, with a handy key-chain attachment when you need it. So the kit was a no-brainer for me. I needed a new mod and Innokin took all the pain out of it. The Aethon chip seems to work great, the power boost function definitely works better than the Vaporesso for my purposes, I actually turned my watts down by a watt after enabling the 2 sec burst.

The look of the Oceanus mod is only surpassed by the look of the mod with the Scion mounted on it. I bought the white, and I can honestly say I have pride of ownership. I think it looks awesome. The functions are all intuitive with the buttons, and the mod gives you battery charge feedback at the power switch (goes to amber than red) as well as on the screen. That small extra feature has already saved me from walking out the door with a low battery a couple of times.

Rather than have to lock and unlock the power setting, Innokin has it so you just press up or down till it switches to adjustment mode and off you go which is much easier than the usual two-handed affair. I also find that the recessed trigger is far less likely to engage in my pocket when I bend a certain way. The battery compartment is hidden by a magnetic cover that slips over the back of the unit. Here again, the fine manufacturing processes seem evident in the snug fit and perfect lines, and I can have a fully charged spare in place in seconds.

So the TL:DR on the mod; great value from every perspective

Vaping at 70+ watts for the First Time

The Scion sub-ohm tank looks way nicer than the Veco, and I’m keeping it handy on the Tarot while I learn the settings that work for me. I heeded the warnings, and even though I vape the Veco at about 12 mg. nicotine, I poured some fresh 3mg Purple Cactus juice in with the pre-installed 0.5 ohm triple vertical coil. I should probably mention I’m usually at the very minimum of recommended settings for a coil, and powering up the Scion to 70 watts was the highest I had ever attempted to vape. I found the vapor too hot at first. Up till now I’ve preferred a fairly closed vent, with only a little air coming in. On the Scion tank that was not working for me and it took a while. I could tell that my wife was getting annoyed by the sound of a 70 watt vape at full airflow, so in the interests of others I’ve throttled it back to about 25% open. It keeps it a lot quieter and I still get enough air to cool it sufficiently.

With a wider airflow I tend to vape Direct to Lung. I’m not sure if that’s a given, but I was actually hoping I could do Mouth to Lung with it. In my mind I believe that MTL gives you a little more chance to savor the flavor, but I don’t know if that’s just a subjective thing or not. What I do know is that I’m reaching for my Scion more often than my Veco and I’m enjoying the flavor far more. For anyone who hasn’t tried these newish coil heads with the triple and quad designations, they are awesome. They have big wicking holes and the freshness of flavor is by far the best I’ve had.

Overall, the Scion has won me over. My original intention was to use the Scion to verify my suspicions but give it a fair try in case I was missing something (my FOMO again), but I wanted to stay with the cheap and long lasting EUC coils for daily use. Two weeks into the tank and I’m worrying about how long the Scion coil will last and where to get more. So far it’s holding out admirably and the replacement coil packs are actually about the same price as the Ceramic EUC‘s packs, but you only get 3 in the Scion packs.

In terms of looks, I prefer the Scion hands down. The airflow adjustment dial itself is easier to control than most. Getting it down to a fine MTL pull is no problem and wide open there is scads of air whipping through it. I have ended up with juice on my hands while examining and playing with the airflow, but I imagine that’s expected on a bottom air (?), and it’s only happened once.  Hands down the thing I like best about the Scion is it’s combination drip-tip and screw off top cap. The tip is tapered toward the mouth and twists on and off easily. Way easier than any other tank I’ve used for refilling.

Again Innokin was very generous with the extras in the box. The kit includes a rebuildable deck along with some pre-built coils and cotton. I’ll add some pictures in the next couple days.

Even though packaging is the first thing you see and plays an important role in your psychological assessment of the device, I’ve left this for last because from my perspective it’s less important. But I have to say that the two times I’ve purchased Innokin product it has come packaged beautifully. I find myself wondering if they use the same company as Apple. Having said that though, a lot of it went straight into the recycling bin. The separate box containing printed material was actually the one I went for first (geek at heart). Inside there were some Innokin stickers, a folding card showing basic steps of use and the usual tiny warranty booklet and warning cards. One page on getting into the functions of the mod and maybe another explaining the RTA deck a little bit would have been a nice final touch to their attention to detail. This is, after all, a starter kit.

Update After 6 Weeks:

I am definitely a full-fledged Scion user now. I keep the Nano bedside and still enjoy the flavor from it, but the draw feels rougher, for lack of a better description. Going back to the original fill I realize I’ve adjusted to the lower nicotine of around 6 or 8, and the 12mg I was vaping is now too strong. I continued on my original coil while I waited for replacements to arrive but never noticed much loss in flavor or vape. I noticed a blackish area on the cotton in one of the juice holes so I used it as an excuse to try a new one. That was 6 weeks with the original coil and really no problems with it at all. I find the rating of 70 watts to 110 watts set to high for my taste though. I keep it around 55 watts and judging from the life of the coil I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

I gave the new coil about 10 minutes to soak before I tried it, and I set it to the minimum 70 watts and it was horrible. I eased it back to 52 and opened the airways wide. It took a few puffs and then settled back into the vape I had grown accustomed to. At 55 watts I change batteries twice throughout the day, which is more than I expected. The Scion tank holds a lot more juice than the Veco so I find I’m refilling about the same time as I change the battery.

Further On Down the Road:

Well, now I have another tank at the bedside, the Arco II. I liked the bigger vape of the Scion but found the 0.5 ohm coils developed a burn taste fairly quickly. I liked the 0.28 but I wanted to compare. I also found coil changes disastrous 9 times out 10, with the coils fused to the body. A couple times I thought I’d wrecked it.

I knew the Arco 2 was some sort of TFV compatible so I thought I’d start there. Compare size, cost, flavor, and longevity and be able to test other TFV of the same size (I haven’t looked it up recently, I think it’s TFV8 but I’ll make sure to list it and a link to the Reddit sub when I review the Arco 2. Short answer on it is so far, I love it the most. Great flavor, still happy with the coil after 1 week, it holds more e-liquid than the Scion and the threaded top cap doesn’t require pliers to refill. Still loving the 20700 mod though. Perfect size.

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