Troubleshooting Your Vape

Tips and Tricks for Vaping Success

We’re going to make this a “living” document, adding and modifying the solutions to common difficulties experienced with e-juice, batteries, vaping mods and e-cig tanks. To start we’re just going to drop some in here and we’ll add and sort it as we progress.

Leaky Tanks

This is possibly the most annoying issue encountered by vapers, whether beginner or seasoned pro.

  • bottom airflow tanks can be prone to leak more than top airflow, depending on manufacturerDiagram of Kangertech O-ring replacement Canada
  • the cup design featured in the Cupti and other tanks reduces leaks
  • try filling the tank only half way
  • close the air holes while filling
  • change the “O” ring (over tightening can damage it)
  • adjust the e-liquid blend you’re using Higher PG for above 1 ohm, higher VG for sub-ohm
  • increase the power – too low and your coils are flooded with too much joose
  • increase the air flow to reduce pull on the liquid during inhale
  • change the coil or increase the wicking material
  • check the glass – they have been known to crack
  • keep the tank upright at all times (you probably figured that one out)

Coils Not Lasting – getting black gunk

Besides the obvious too much power, a big culprit is your choice of e-liquid. As mentioned above, too high a VG on a high resistance coil will clog it up pretty quick, but we knew some flavorings were causing trouble. In our own experience we’ve found it’s those creams everyone likes to partake in now and then that really clog up a coil. In fact a lot of the creams or custards will blacken right in the bottle. Save your cream cravings for the last few days or your coils life expectancy. We tested flavorings like froot loops, caramel and berries. Sweetness doesn’t seem to have much to do with the life of the coil.

Batteries and Mods

Mod shuts off during use – could be a leaky tank. Remove the tank and clean the 510 contacts on the tank and the mod with a tissue or cloth

Some of the electronic switches get finicky with age. Pay attention to how you press it. I found with one particular iStick I just had to hold power button just right.

– this can also happen if the circuit on the mod is loopy, likely related to circuit protection. You might have to replace it

Mod changes settings in your pocket – every mod has a lock setting. For example on an eLeaf iStick hold down the up and down buttons at the same time for a couple seconds. Same to unlock.

Mod Not Charging on USB – these cords and chargers are more finnicky then they let on. Don’t let the connection get moved or sit in an awkward position while charging. The port on the mod builds tolerance until it’s so loose you have to hold it just right to get the connection. Try a new cable and watch the OLED carefully when you plug it in AND when you set it down. A tip over at LifeHacks suggests using a toothpick to carefully clean out any lint, dirst or debris. Inner dirt would explain why it seems harder to get the plug rooted firmly.