Vaping the Herb – Quick Start Guide

There’s no qdry herb vaporizer guide Canadauestion vaping is more economical than burning the prized bud. It’s estimated that at least 30% of the THC and cannabinoids are destroyed in smoking before they ever reach the smoker. Snuffing and relighting joints for a single person probably wastes half of it, and pipes are awkward and clogged more often than not. Although marijuana vapor has the distinctive flavor of pot, it is far more discrete. Only your exhale goes in to the surroundings and the vapor dissipates much more quickly than smoke. No odor is left on the body or clothes and the CBD and flavonoids are absorbed into the body most efficiently. And we haven’t even mentioned the harmful effects of smoking on the body. There is every good reason to get vaping now!

Select a Vaporizer

There are two basic style for herb vaporizing, portable and desktop.

  • Choose a portable for small amounts of weed per session. Portables usually hold between a half a gram and 1 grams of finely ground bud.
  • Choose a desktop vaporizer larger amounts and social situations where a wand can be passed with a tube attached to the desktop vaporizer – desktops are great for longer periods of use and/or storing the vapor for later with the balloon attachment

Prep the Stuff

  • Use a 3 or 4 part hand grinder for an excellent consistency. when dry vapes first came out the forums talked about a need for a very fine consistency. A coarse grind works just fine in most newer vaporizersHow to vaporize weed canada
  • Guide the product into the vape without compressing it. You want to keep that fluffy consistency for the air to pass through on its way to your mouth. Fill the oven to the top but don’t tamp it down.

Choose a Starting Temperature

You want to get the optimal amount of THC and cannabidiol (CBD and CBN) without over-doing it. The boiling point for THC 157 °C (315 °F), CBD 160–180 °C (320–356 °F) and CBN 185 °C (365 °F). Read the recommendations and experiment but to get you started we’d say set it at about 374° F to start. Starting a little lower probably makes sense and some vapes like the Storz and Bickel’s Crafty only run from 356° F to 383° F but it actually takes a while for a new vaper to adjust to the fact that you’re getting anything when no smoke comes out on the exhale.

Vape On!

You will find that you can get about 3 sessions from one oven fill. Some only do 2, some get 4. We bump up the temperature to about 410°F on the third or fourth go and don’t really expect much. At first you’ll wonder if you are getting anything and whether it’s actually working. At about 390° F you’ll see a blueish “smoke” on the exhale and get the gag effect from too much THC when you take too much.

Clean Up

If the manufacturer doesn’t have specific directions just empty the unit, heat it up and wipe or scrape away any build up on the filter (careful, it’s hotter than you think!).